State Of California Master Agreements

Master agreements are agreements that embody the agreed terms of a relationship in principle between the university and a promoter. D. This order limit does not apply to contracts performed by DGS Procurement Division (PD), One-Time Acquisitions (OTA). The OTA is empowered to perform public contracts and issue contracts that go beyond the public procurement authority of a public authority. B. DGS will charge an administrative fee to each public authority to use these MSAs. Administrative fees should not be included or transferred by the user agency in the total amount of the order until an invoice is received by DGS. The current rates are available online on the website of the DGS Office of Fiscal Services. One. This national, non-mandatory MSA offers IT consulting services at contract prices for the State of California and is authorized by the Public Contracts Code (CCP) § 10298 and 12100 et seq. Public authorities/authorities requesting the use of Agile Classifications must obtain permission from the California Department of Technology (CDT) before being used. Contact adpq@state.ca.gov for all requests. Before using this MSA, public authorities are reminded of all necessary authorisations (e.g.B.

IT Project, GC 19130) and to have complied with all applicable state laws, regulations, policies and procedures, including, but not limited to, california codes of public contracts (PCC) and relevant California codes, California Code of Regulations (CCR), State Administrative Manual (SAM), Department of General Services (DGS) Memos (MM), State Contracting Manuals (SCM), DGS Broadcast Bulletins (BB), California Department of Technology (CDT) Technology Letters, Department of Finance (DOF) Budget Letters and Statewide Information Management Manual (SIMM). One. A threshold of $1.5 million per transaction applies, including changes, unless otherwise specified in the letter of authorization from the public authority for the procurement authority. INDIVIDUAL ORDER LIMIT: $1,500,000.00, including amendments, unless otherwise specified by the approved delegated purchasing authority. The procurement authority of each public authority is listed by type and method of acquisition in its Purchasing Authority Approval Letter (PAAL). To verify a public authority`s PAAL, please refer to the “Departments with Authorized Purchasing Authority” list. Under the heading “Muni”, a “Y” indicates that municipalities can participate in the pricing of contracts, but that they must develop their own individual contract with the supplier. An “N” indicates that the contract and the prices of the municipality`s participation are not available.

Municipalities should contact the mentioned buyer for more information. DESCRIPTION: Information Technology (IT) Consulting Services D. Principals should inform DGS/PD of contractors` or contracts` questions in a timely manner. F. Contractors were given the opportunity to provide information on the specific services provided under this MSA using the MSA marketing application form in the “Contracting Documents” section above. Agencies can use the MSA Contractor Marketing List in the Contractor Documents section above when sending MFIs….