Single Case Agreement

The client has tried and cannot find in their network a practitioner or provider that meets their needs in a way that makes them feel comfortable. In case of treatment with ABA, this should be done before the start of treatment. There are many therapeutic processes such as ABA therapy, where continuity of care is essential to achieve treatment goals. When a customer switches to a new insurance provider, it is important to maintain continuity of supply or establish a transition plan to a new network provider. In many of these scenarios, it is often necessary to negotiate an agreement on a case-by-case basis. In an off-grid scenario like this, it`s possible to use a case-by-case agreement to ensure your client has the coverage they need to get the care they rely on from you as a practitioner or therapist. In the case of a patient who needs to move from your care to a new network provider or a patient who prefers to remain in your care, you may need to help the patient address their request to the insurance provider. If you receive an ACS for a current patient for continued treatment, the negotiated rate is based on the patient`s informed consent and consent at the start of treatment with you. However, if the SCA has been approved, our task is not complete. . .