Model Petroleum Agreement Ghana

Ghana`s new register of online oil contracts, www.ghanapetroleumregister.com/ It is particularly encouraging that the government has chosen to align the registry with international best practices by integrating full text contracts into the platform. The inclusion of these documents was an ongoing topic of discussion among Ghanaian EITI actors, as the Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Act 2016 – which provided for the creation of the register – did not specify whether full text contracts or just a simple list of agreements would be published. The government`s approach has helped address this important transparency issue; but in order to create a legal basis for this policy, Ghana`s Ministry of Energy should write a request for full publication in the petroleum (exploration and production) regulations that are currently in the final stages of development. Last week, the Government of Ghana kept a promise it made in July 2017 by launching a public oil registry containing the full texts of oil agreements, licences, permits and authorizations. As a new contract is with ExxonMobil, many users may wonder why this agreement is not mentioned in the registry. To address these concerns, the government could ensure that the registry includes, in addition to the list of approved applications, a list of all applications reviewed (and their status). The ability of the government to announce a licensing cycle for new offshore blocks makes the need for such information all the more urgent. Rob Pitman is Head of Governance at the Institute of Natural Resources Management (NRGI). Transparency of orders in the oil, gas and mining industries is rapidly becoming a global standard. More than 1,500 contracts and related documents are now available to the public, according to online open contract libraries such as ResourceContracts.org and openoil repository – and that number is growing. More than 40 countries have officially issued treaties. And of the 51 countries of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), 29 have disclosed at least part of their contracts.