Affiliate Agreement Practical Law

With this experience, our company is only qualified to design the agreements that govern the relationships between the various players in the sector, and our goal is to create agreements that protect our customers and eliminate or significantly reduce the possibility of future litigation. When we develop agreements, we draw on our years of experience in dealing with topics such as: Well-developed agreements are essential for those who engage in affiliate marketing to ensure they are paid and to protect them from the bad actions of unsering advertisers and publishers. Kronenberger Rosenfeld has represented companies in all areas of performance marketing for years, including advertising networks, advertisers, affiliate publishers and influencers. The company`s deep experience and technical skill are of great use to the company`s subsidiary advertisers. If you need our help in creating affiliate or information contracts, call us at 415-955-1155, ext. 120. You can also submit your file to us in our online application form. For more than a decade, we have represented companies active in the affiliate marketing industry, including advertising networks, advertisers, affiliates and sub-affiliates. We have also dealt with many types of litigation, including private and FTC actions involving companies in the affiliate marketing industry.