Ahca Provider User Registration Agreement

Simply click on the “Get Fingerprint” menu at the top of the page. Continue as a guest or register as a user. Then select “Live Scan Locations” to find a live scan provider near you. If you don`t see a live scan site near you, we can still process colored fingerprint cards for you. If you are an on-demand agency or large organization that needs centrally managed services, consolidated monthly accounts, access to hundreds of fingerprint sites across the country, custom data entry, and a dedicated website, please contact our ApplicantServices.com sales team to learn more. Our live scanning infrastructure has successfully processed over 8 million applicants and is the only fully encrypted solution in the industry that has been designed to protect your identity information. Our commission rate is significantly lower than the industry average, which means faster releases from the AHCA. About 1% of applicants are rejected due to poor fingerprint image quality. If you have received a refusal notification, please contact the original location of the live fingerprint to arrange a “NEW DEPOSIT”. THE TEMPLATE IS FREE! The following conditions apply: For FBI Background Check operations You must be a registered user. All other transactions can quickly process your live transaction with a single guest account.

This is the easiest method to perform your live scan. To register, follow these steps: As an AHCA Authorized Live Scan Provider, you can perform your ahca Level 2 Background Screening online on this site for employment, licensing, or other authorized purposes. You can make your fingerprints and photos of one of our hundreds of live scan locations in Florida and throughout the United States with minimal waiting. You can enter transaction data, find fingerprint sites near you, make an appointment, pay for the fingerprint service with a credit card, get date reminders, print forms, and monitor your progress in the transaction. Most AHCA clearances are completed in hours! If we do not offer a live scanning service center near you, we can process colored fingerprint cards. Your fingerprints are immediately transmitted to the FDLE and the AHCA. The typical passage time of the FDLE is only a few hours. Virtually all transactions for fingerprint background control are completed within 72 hours….